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Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Sat Apr 3 14:51:50 EST 2004

At 9:43 AM -0500 2004/04/03, Bryan Carbonnell wrote:

>  Why not just have a list of UserDefined RegEx's of headers to strip?

	Because most people don't properly understand regular 
expressions.  Since you can do the same thing in a different way and 
have Mailman build the proper regular expressions based on user 
input, it seems pretty obvious what the correct solution is.

>  Kind of like the Spam Filtering Rules in Mailman. That way BArry
>  won't get "Well why can you strip header x, but not header y?"

	If you have a "keep-these-headers/strip-these-headers" option, 
then there shouldn't be any headers that either can't be stripped or 
kept, depending on your particular type of choice.

>  If you go with keep these/strip these, I'd vote for keeping
>  everything and let the admin HAVE to make the change for themselves.

	IMO, we should default to safety.

>  Don't the RFCs say not to mess with the headers if possible? Or
>  something like that?

	The RFCs regarding mail are intended primarily for MTAs and MUAs, 
not mailing list management systems.  Moreover, they make it clear 
that you can add headers, but you can't change them, and under 
certain circumstances you can remove them.  Since the MLM is a 
gateway system of sorts, there is more freedom with regards to what 
the authors are allowed to do.

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