[Mailman-Developers] How to remove X-Confirm-Reading requests from mail headers distributed by Mailman?

Andrzej Kasperowicz andyk at spunge.org
Sat Apr 3 18:23:48 EST 2004

> 	I disagree.  I've been running mailing lists for more than ten 
> years.  This is not a basic task for any mailing list administrator. 
> This is an advanced issue that very few mailing list administrators 
> (should) need to have to deal with.  This is part of why very few 
> mailing lists have the built-in ability to strip arbitrary headers.

I'd be glad if you could explain it to him, as he apparently was 
offended, because I didn't do it, and he's not a newbe in internet, I've 
seen him on-line for about 9-10 years.

> 	We are not going to take every single bloody feature of ecartis 

Of course not, but what is wrong in taking every good, useful feature?

> and re-implement that in Mailman.  If you want ecartis, then use it. 
> Otherwise, you're welcome to continue using Mailman.

Now, come on Brad! I've just presented to Mailman community 3 interesting 
IMHO featueres, which ecartis have, and Mailman haven't got, thus 
suggesting to implement them in Mailman, because I think Mailman would 
gain having those features implemented. What's wrong with that? If I 
requested those 3 features not telling you that I've seen them in 
ecartis, then all would be fine, you would be happy, right? You seem to 
be jelous of ecartis. Think positive Brad! Don't be angry at them that 
they have some good features that Mailman haven't got (and don't be angry 
at me that I ask for some of those features to be added in Mailman), just 
do something that Mailman have them instead of being jelous (no offence 
:)). :P

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