[Mailman-Developers] How to remove X-Confirm-Reading requests from mail headers distributed by Mailman?

Andrzej Kasperowicz andyk at spunge.org
Sun Apr 4 12:54:55 EDT 2004

> I don't.  I assume that everyone can learn python should their
> interest/need for a particular feature be large enough.  After all,

Bad assumption. Time is not from rubber, your advice might be good for 
computer science students, but might not be for others.
I suggest you never say again to someone such unceremoniously just do it 
yourself. If someone could do it himself he would do it without asking 
for that on the list. 

> Excellent, and thank you, however code is far more valuable than ideas.

You really think so? What code would you write without any ideas, huh?


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