[Mailman-Developers] How to remove X-Confirm-Reading requests from mail headers distributed by Mailman?

J C Lawrence claw at kanga.nu
Sun Apr 4 13:03:35 EDT 2004

On Sun, 04 Apr 2004 18:54:55 +0200 
Andrzej Kasperowicz <andyk at spunge.org> wrote:

>> I don't.  I assume that everyone can learn python should their
>> interest/need for a particular feature be large enough.  After all,

> Bad assumption. Time is not from rubber, your advice might be good for
> computer science students, but might not be for others.  

No.  The critical point is "large enough".  If their need is large
enough they either will themselves, or will arrange for someone else to
as their proxy.

> I suggest you never say again to someone such unceremoniously just do
> it yourself. If someone could do it himself he would do it without
> asking for that on the list.

Frequently, near enough to invariably as to be easily mistaken for it,
that is not the case.

>> Excellent, and thank you, however code is far more valuable than
>> ideas.

> You really think so? What code would you write without any ideas, huh?

Any decent engineer (or otherwise) can think of a thousand great ideas
an hour.  There isn't a particular shortage of such.  There is a
particular shortage of implementations of great ideas.

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