[Mailman-Developers] Mailman "Already Subscribed" behavior.

Bradach, Jack jack.bradach at oregonstate.edu
Mon Apr 12 18:50:17 EDT 2004

	I've noticed that Mailman's "You're already subscribed to this list" behavior isn't consistent between the web and email interfaces.  Specifically, if you send a message to listname-join at domain.tld, it kicks you a brief "you are already subscribed to this list" message.  However, if you subscribe from the web interface (and are already a member), it has a long message about how it could be a security violation (or nothing to worry about!).  Any chance someone can change it kicks out the same message no matter how you try to double-subscribe?  (Or even better, allow the site admin to change that message.  It doesn't look like it's one of the messages that site admins can edit.)


Jack Bradach
List Support
list-support at orst.edu

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