[Mailman-Developers] (no subject)

Somuchfun somuchfun at atlantismail.com
Thu Apr 15 06:18:16 EDT 2004

A friend asked me for help about some mailman questions. He wrote an email
to some of the people behind mailman but never got a reply. So I am posting
these questions for him here on the list. Would be nice if someone could
comment. thx


1. I have one mailman list with 50,000 members. I found numerous people who
have been suspended due to bounces back in January but still are not purged.
Does mailman not do a purge run from time to time? If not how can I purge
these suspended members?

2. Using a dual xeon 1.8 server with 2GB of ram I still have the problem
that the web interface is not responding when sending out a message. Looking
at the cpu and memory stats it seems mailman grabs all resources and leaves
the web interface unusable. This has gotten so bad that people complained
that they cannot unsubscribe after receiving the message.

3. Is there any way to see how many of the total members shown on the
membership page are suspended and for what reasons? 

4. The bounce setting seems to be set by member and not for the whole list?
Here is the scenario: I set the bounce setting to send after 2 bounces 3
attempts each 7 days apart. So I send the first message. Bounces come back.
Then I change the bounce setting to 0 so all members who have bounces 2
times are suspended and purged right away. I send out the second time. And I
see after that in the queue messages telling people that they have bounced 2
times and will receive 2! more notifications. This would mean they got the
first bounce setting and not the last one. How can this be?


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