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mtech at duane.com mtech at duane.com
Wed Apr 7 20:58:57 EDT 2004

Aaron Schaap wrote
>> By "design" do you mean the web u/i for Mailman?  If so, +1 and yep,
>> this is the place to be.
>Yes, I mean u/i.

I still feel that it would be a good thing to provide a simple,
html based user interface that had these items on the left
side of the  listinfo  page to navigate through the different options
rather than the blast of text that now happens.

{list options}

Is this something that could be added in Mailman 2.1.5 or 2.2 ?

>> We need to rethink how (or even if) the u/i will be editable through the
>> web.  There are all kinds of security and xss issues that need to be
>> addressed if we allow this.  I tend to think it fails the 80/20 rule --
>> it makes the system more complex for a feature that few use.
>I agree it's not the best to have everything editable. However, that said,
>if we do quite a bit of it in CSS, with everything nicely structured and
>semantic - people should be able to do quite a bit with the CSS file as far
>as look and layout.
>Example: CSS Zen Garden
>This was a project in which designers had to come up with various designs
>for the same site. The only catch was that they couldn't touch the HTML and
>could only change the CSS to make their designs come alive.
>Using this method, I think we can offer people a huge amount of flexibility
>by allowing them to change one single CSS file.
>This is however, just one idea and much more conversation is needed.
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