[Mailman-Developers] restoring templates 2.1.4 (FAQ probably)

Ron Brogden slave at codegrunt.com
Sun Apr 25 16:23:40 EDT 2004

Howdy.  I did my best to find this in all of the FAQs, online docs, INSTALL 
and UPGRADE readmes (which are somewhat out of date) and had no luck.

I just upgraded to 2.14 of Mailman which of course stomped on my nice archive 
templates which linked to my swish-e searching amongst other things.  I've 
tried editing things in /usr/local/mailman/templates/ but so far these have 
not taken effect so I am missing something or pipermail is not looking where 
I think it is looking.

Last time I had to mess with the templates was a long way back so I have 
forgotten what was required exactly.  Since the docs don't help and changing 
stuff like "archidxhead.html" seems to have no effect, I am asking here.


An expletive or two in my direction followed by directions to where this is 
documented would be appreciated.  


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