[Mailman-Developers] How are you, Mailman?

Moritz Naumann mailman-developers-subscription at moritz-naumann.com
Thu Dec 2 01:15:40 CET 2004


I just realized that there items in the queue of *open* bugs on the
sf.net tracker which date back to year 2000 and that there is a total of
at least *270 bugs with status "open"* on the BTS.

If I wouldn't know that Mailman is actually under regular development,
this would make me think it was not, rather make me think it was an
abandoned project.

I'm sure everyone involved in Mailman development is a busy person as
good developers are rare and busy by definition. So please do not take
it as an insult when I suggest that you spend more time on working out
these bugs. It's not my intention to flame you but to improve the
usability of the software which - to me - includes (but is not limited
to) a proactively maintained BTS.

Maybe, if that's possible, have a BTS happening weekend and try to
comment (as a first step towards a solution) on as many bugs as possible.

I'm not involved in the Mailman project at all nor am engaged in any
other project of this size, so I may be missing some obvious reasons for
this situation.

I've set my subscription preferences to not receive email from this 
list, so please CC to
   mailman-developers-subscription-replies AT moritz-naumann D0T com
Thank you.

Moritz Naumann

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