[Mailman-Developers] Site-wide confirmed opt in setting?

Kevan Benson kentrak at sonic.net
Fri Dec 3 02:05:29 CET 2004

Any plans to include a feature where the server administrator can force lists 
to be confirmed opt-in?  I administer a server that allows free mailing lists 
to customers of our ISP, and forcing opt-in behavior is useful as it allows 
tangible benefits with spam lists.  I ask here because I haven't seen it 
mentioned in the wiki or feature lists for 2.1 or 2.2.

We ended up hacking it a bit to make it work how we needed, but it's still 
sub-optimal at best, and it's a feature I think that could be useful to quite 
a few admins.

Also, is there a policy reason why the return address and address listed in 
the template of the password reminders is the main list owner (first list 
created) and not the list owner of the list that address is associated with?


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