[Mailman-Developers] Maybe it's time to release 2.1.6

Dale Newfield Dale at Newfield.org
Fri Dec 3 06:31:33 CET 2004

Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> (1) Apple already has a couple of "multi-version" applications 
> standard (in particular, GCC, see the gcc_select utility)

gcc_select is completely broken, and doesn't work.  It assumes that the
only 3.x is 3.1 and fails even at what it claims to do.  I have tried 
and failed to fix the script, eventually doing all (I hope) the 
appropriate re-linking by hand.

> Both Fink and DarwinPorts have their issues, but so far Python isn't
> one of them.

I definitely agree with you on Fink (doesn't work at all right now 
because of gcc issue above, and it always had problems with various X 
implementations, but when it does work it's pretty nice), and only 
learned about DarwinPorts just now, so thank you!

> So it may not be all that difficult for admins of Apple boxes to work
> around this.

Oh, yeah, back to the topic.  Guess I don't have anything to add except 
to say that requiring all these bolt-on tools in order to install 
mailman is a bit harsh for non-admins...


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