[Mailman-Developers] Non-member filters

Simmo Siil simmosiil at hotmail.com
Sat Dec 4 11:50:00 CET 2004

Thanks, it worked.
> >^.*@domeen.com
>^[^@]+ at domeen\.com$

But now i have new problem.
I have 3 lists, which are in at domeen.com out at domeen.com office at domeen.com
and they all are in all at domeen.com.
When i send email to all at domeen.com whitch has the users in,out & office,
then i get next message form all of them:
<name> post from name at domeen.com requires approval
Reason:  Message has implicit destination
When i aprove the message it will sent. how i can solve this problem?

And then second question.
If i send mail to the all at domeen.com and have prefixes then it will
look like that:
[office] [all] <subject>
How i can to so that if i send email to all then it has only [all]
but when i send to office then it also has [office] prefix.

Or is ther eny other way how i can make lists with sub lists (listes under 
all at domeen = in at domeen, out at domeen, office at domeen
in at domeen = xxx at domeen + users (user at domeen)
xxx at domeen = users (user at domeen)
out & office at domeen = users (user at domeen)

I hope you understand my bad english.

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