[Mailman-Developers] MySQL member adaptor update.

Kyrian (List) kyrian-list at ore.org
Mon Dec 13 19:46:26 CET 2004


Just a quick heads-up to say that I've finally uploaded a new version of
this thing to the relevant discussion thread on sourceforge.

Thanks to the CC'd persons for their input, and also to Barry for his
thoughts, which I've implemented where possible, given my sparse
knowledge of Python thus far.

I've turned it into a tarball (coz I'm sick of uploading multiple files
through sourceforge's somewhat klunky interface), added the option to
use a 'flat', or 'wide' table structure, updated the docs, added some
misc contribs, and applied some fixes to the data structure and SQL code
used as per various suggestions.

As mentioned on the discussion thread, it's untested, until I can prod
$client into testing it on their server, although it ought to compile
and work as far as I can tell. It's long, long overdue, hence the
release in this manner.


Lastly, if anyone can offer any resources on how to get eg. Pychecker
working, or an IDE which supports Python, C, HTML, perl, etc. on Fedora
then I'd appreciate the info, because my current development environment
basically sucks for, well, everything.


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