[Mailman-Developers] Complex code such as header and footer in the messages sent by mailman

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Dec 24 05:25:32 CET 2004

At 5:09 AM +0100 2004-12-24, Ulisse wrote:

>  1) Can you add an html header to the emails?


>  I still don't get it. I read the links you provided, and their sub-links.

	I guess the explanations are too complex, but the result is the 
same.  What you are asking for is impossible.

	If you spent enough money trying to do this (i.e., you were 
Microsoft), you might be able to get reasonably complete coverage of 
most Microsoft clients.  But then you wouldn't be able to cover 
everyone else.

	Since this mailing list is for Mailman developers, please feel 
free to contribute whatever code you've got that solves this problem.

>  2) Is there a way so people subscribing don't go back into that archaic
>  interface - when it asks them to accept or decline the list it's flat
>  out confusing - text overwhelm - my user base is consumers and not
>  programmers.

	I don't know how you could make it simpler.  Again, feel free to 
contribute code.

>  3) I don't understand if you can attach PDFs where it says, i.e. to
>  new subscribers, etc. When I attach one, it just inserts garble into
>  the text box once the PDF file is uploaded. I can't tell if this is
>  an error, or what, and if I can include additional text.

	PDFs?!?  Uh, no.  That's not going to work.  Stick to plain text.

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