[Mailman-Developers] Arch docs?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Tue Dec 28 04:07:54 CET 2004

On Tue, 2004-12-21 at 03:08, Alan Batie wrote:
> I had my mailman up and quit working last week, possibly related to 
> someone removing a couple of lists, but I can find no clue as to why.  I 
> installed a fresh 2.1.5 (I think the previous was at 2.1.3), to no 
> avail.  I'm not asking for help debugging the problem, as not only is 
> this not the right place, but short of getting someone to root around my 
> system, I don't think it would even be possible.  What I would like is a 
> pointer to some sort of architectural overview, so *I* can root around 
> my system myself, with a better idea of where I'm headed than tracing 
> the code line by line. 
> http://zope.org/Members/bwarsaw/MailmanDesignNotes/SplittingQrunner gave 
> some hints, but I couldn't find anything more detailed...  Thanks!

I wish we had them.  What's around is quite scattered, which is probably
par for the course for most FOSS projects (but makes my commercial
project manager skin crawl ;).  Alas, I'm still waiting for that rich
uncle to help us do things right. :)

That said, another semi-useful source of information is the big comment
at the top of IncomingRunner.py, which shows how mail messages flow
through the system -- somewhat.

Plus, I'm offended that you don't consider our code so beautifully
transparent that the elegance of our architectural sand sculpture is not
immediately evident simply through osmosis.  The noive of some people.

(Kidding of course! :)


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