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VAEZ(daneshjooye sharif) vaez_ha at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 21:14:01 CET 2004

Luke Hilton <l.hilton at chello.nl> wrote:Hi All,

I am very new to Linux, but will tell you what I can. I am trying to
diagnose a problem on a.

Linux Redhat server

Mailman version 2.1.4



The particular mailing list has over 20,000 members. The list is being sent
to on a on a monthly basis one way.

A mass mail (80k - html) was sent out to the 20,000 members approximately 2
weeks ago. All seemed to go fine. I was alerted that the server
performance had dropped dramatically so I checked the obvious and then
bounced it. The following day I received approx. 3000 unsubscribe notices.
This is highly irregular as in the past only a few unsubscribe notices come
in per month. I checked these entries in the Membership list and they are
still there, but the 'nomail' box is now checked and reason 'B' displayed. 

A colleague of mine restarted the server again yesterday and I have just
received another huge amount of unsubscribe notices again.

I followed the following faq yesterday in an attempt to diagnose.



1. Permissions seemed fine
2. Cron daemon was running
3. Aliases are in /etc/aliases + did a 'newaliases'
4. I checked the mailman/locks and there are a number of locks from
around the time the list was sent
5. I checked to see if the processes are still around for the above
locks and they are

Should I delete the locks? If so how do I do this safely?
Has anyone heard of this type of problem happening before?

I want to make sure there are no pending mailman tasks to complete and that
if another restart occurs I won't get bombarded by another wad of

I have a copy of the membership list and was thinking I could create 3 new
mailing lists and divide the 20000 people over the 4 lists. Is this worth
it? Should mailman be able to send 20,000 mails easily?

Any help with this would be fantastic.


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