[Mailman-Developers] AOL's requirements for spam complaints

Kevin McCann kmccann at bellanet.org
Tue Feb 3 08:45:55 EST 2004

Brad Knowles wrote:

>     I've been looking at the requirements and potential performance 
> you can get with Lyris ListManager, MailEngine, etc....  See 
> <http://www.lyris.com/lm_help/7.8/Memory_And_Bandwidth_Recom.html> and 
> <http://www.lyris.com/products/mailengine/requirements.html> for the 
> respective requirements, and 
> <http://www.lyris.com/products/listmanager/extreme.html> for an idea 
> of what kind of performance they can offer.

Another article, which might be OT to the thread but nevertheless 


It is co-authored by a Lyris dude and looks at OS choices and 
performance-related sub-topics.

- Kevin

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