[Mailman-Developers] Translation not working?

Christiaan den Besten chris at scorpion.nl
Mon Nov 15 14:00:11 CET 2004


I have already send him some emails asking the same thing, but no reply :(

Actually, the translation is there ... it just doesn't show up in the 
"confirm subscription" page. Is there anyway I can check if the .po/.mo file 
is ok?


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> Christiaan den Besten wrote:
>> Hi !
>> I am using a MailMan (mailman-2.1.5-6.src.rpm) list with the "Dutch"
>> language. Unfortunately, one of the templates is not working 100%. The
>> 'confirm subscription' message is displayed in English and not in Dutch 
>> ;(
>> I have pinpointed the correct return value to be present in the 
>> translation
>> file (see below). Is there anything I could check / change to debug this 
>> ?
> According to the mailman i18n page http://www.list.org/i18n.html, the 
> Dutch language champion is Danny Terweij (danny at terweij.nl). Please send 
> your patch to him and he will be able to correct the translation in the 
> SourceForge CVS.
> You can also fix YOUR installation by editing the .po file and generating 
> the .mo file by msgfmt.
> -- 
> Tokio Kikuchi, tkikuchi@ is.kochi-u.ac.jp
> http://weather.is.kochi-u.ac.jp/

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