[Mailman-Developers] on the subject of fix_url, list creation with @ is non-intuitive..

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 11 20:47:37 CEST 2004

Joe Rhett wrote:
>On this subject, why does creating a list with the host name set the web
>interface?  In no circumstance that I have ever seen are they the same,
>except perhaps (in theory) for some hobbyist with a single computer?
>$ newlist im at thejones.com
>Sets the web interface to 'thejones.com' as well as the mail domain.  This
>doesn't make a lot of sense except in the hobbyist environment.  I may be
>off my rocker, but shouldn't this syntax set the mail domain and force you
>to change the web URL manually?

Well, the help for newlist (bin/newlist --help) is pretty clear that
the notation name at domain is not the e-mail address of the list but
just a way of specifying the web domain.

You can specify the domain to create your new list in by spelling the
listname like so:

    mylist at www.mydom.ain

where `www.mydom.ain' should be the base hostname for the URL to this
virtual hosts's lists.

Still, I think you have a point. Mailman/Cgi/create.py checks in the
case where VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW is on to see if the hostname is in

    if mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW and \
           not mm_cfg.VIRTUAL_HOSTS.has_key(hostname):
        safehostname = Utils.websafe(hostname)
        request_creation(doc, cgidata,
                         _('Unknown virtual host: %(safehostname)s'))

Perhaps bin/newlist should do something similar.

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