[Mailman-Developers] this mail-gid problem

Fil fil at rezo.net
Sat Oct 16 10:30:10 CEST 2004


there is something really nasty about the way postfix chooses its UID/GID
(recall: it's based on the UID of the alias file where the alias has been
taken from).

So if you have a somewhat complex configuration, you can have postfix invoke
the mailman command from two different aliases files (/etc/aliases and
/var/local/mailman/data/aliases), which don't necessarily have the same UID.

And then you're toast by Mailman gid check.

I would like to know if this check can be expanded to list all GID that
mailman will accept? Or if I should just be more carful in setting up my
system? :)

The question is really a FAQ, but the answer is not fully satisfying.


    - When you configure Mailman, use the --with-mail-gid=mailman
      switch (actually, this will be the default if you configured
      Mailman after adding the `mailman' owner).  Because the owner of
      the aliases.db file is `mailman', Postfix will execute Mailman's
      wrapper program as uid and gid mailman.

I'd like to have either the possibility of configuring:

or an update in the README.POSTFIX file saying, more explicitly, that all
mailman calls from postfix should be done through aliases files that all
belong to the same user (mailman) that has the mailman GID... but I'm not
sure of the wording that should be used - so weird is this.

-- Fil

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