[Mailman-Developers] referring fix_url.py

Terri Oda terri at zone12.com
Mon Oct 18 00:53:12 CEST 2004

On Oct 12, 2004, at 2:33 PM, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> On Mon, 2004-10-11 at 13:28, Terri Oda wrote:
>> Also, we might want to put this somewhere in the online help for the
>> list admin pages, if it's not already there.  I've had a few list
>> admins get confused because there's no setting for it, just a setting
>> for the email domain.  I'd suggest that we add a note along these 
>> lines
>> to the help for host_name.  (eg: "Changing the domain for the web
>> interface must be done from the command line by a site administrator.
>> See the INSTALL file for more details on how to do this.")
> Terri, did I see correctly that you made a checkin to add something 
> like
> this to the documentation?  If so, thanks!  I'll try to push out a web
> site update within a few days.

I think it's in the documentation, but not in the online help, so 
people'd have to know to go read the site admin documentation.  I'll 
see about putting it in the actual online help, but pushing the 
documentation updates through to the site is a good idea anyhow. :)

If anyone's interested looking through the still incomplete site admin 
docs before Barry puts 'em up, they're available in CVS and can be 
built to a variety of document formats using the "mkhowto" tool that 
comes with python's documentation stuff.


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