[Mailman-Developers] Multi-slice qrunners to be fixed for 2.1.6? (Re: SF Patch 1008983)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Oct 22 03:00:34 CEST 2004

At 4:54 PM -0700 2004-10-21, Dallas Bethune wrote:

>  The MTA cannot perform multithreading between multiple lists.

	More accurately, the MTA is limited in its ability to apply 
multi-threaded solutions to problems when the input bottleneck from 
the qrunner is single-threaded.

>                                                                 For
>  instance, if there is one list with 10,000 subscribers no other
>  deliveries can be made while the emails to those 10,000 people are
>  being transferred to the MTA.  In some cases that may delay all other
>  list delivery by several minutes and if that happens many times a day
>  it can become problematic to end users.  Having multiple outgoing
>  qrunners allows other list mail to be delivered simultaneously.

	Some of these problems can be addressed through improvements to 
MTA configuration, but it certainly sounds like the ability to have 
multiple qrunners going at the same time would allow the MTA a better 
chance to maximize the potential overall mailing list throughput that 
the server is capable of.

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