[Mailman-Developers] escape characters for boilerplate messages not working

Mark mailman at primatesynthesis.com
Sat Oct 23 20:37:39 CEST 2004

I'm am having trouble putting together a Welcome Message.  Using the 
escape characters for ", &, < and > do not seem to working.  I'm 
getting very odd results whether I try to use the escape characters 
or not.  Not using them results with the escape characters appearing 
in the delivered message (ie. "&" yields "&amp;"), and using them 
results in this weird doubling thing (eg." &amp;" yields 
"&amp;amp;").   Any ideas??

Further, how can I change the text that Mailman automatically appends 
to the Welcome Message??  Can I set it so that it appends nothing??

For you developers, why doesn't it just use plain text, simply 
treating text as text??  It is for generating email, not a webpage.

RTFM Notice:  I have looked through all of the available documents at 
http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/ and went through the archives 
for the last several months.  The list and archives at 
http://listowner.org/ do not seem to be working at this time.


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