[Mailman-Developers] on the subject of fix_url, list creation with @ is non-intuitive..

Joe Rhett jrhett at meer.net
Fri Oct 29 10:14:08 CEST 2004

> We use config_list to set some specific options for each of our lists.  
> We have completely automated the mailman list setup and it has worked 
> without any human intervention for our 5000+ lists.  Just create a 
> config_list template file by outputting the configuration for an 
> existing list and then write your script to set the variables you want 
> and then load those into the list.
Yes, yes, with many lines of code I can output from an existing list (and
check return code and validate the data just in case that list is foobar)
and then parse/replace variables, and then reload those into the list and
again check return codes and validate everything works.

In fact, I have already done all of that work.  I did it differently, by
invoking newlist and then using just the new parameters with config_list.
I was wondering if I should submit it for the contrib section.

Then, it struck me that this entire 180 lines script could be completely 
replaced by a single option on the newlist command.  And that single option
would be useful for many different environments, without any of the
built-in assumptions that a script like yours or mine has to make.

So I'm not trying to say: make this work for me -- already does

I am trying to say: This is too much work for how simple the solution is,
and a general purpose solution would solve the problem for many, many sites.

Joe Rhett
Senior Geek

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