[Mailman-Developers] Long question: list management library?

Sean Vickery seanv at iprimus.com.au
Sun Jan 23 05:23:07 CET 2005

Dear Mailman developers,

By way of introducing myself, I'm a small-time programmer and former 
Unix systems engineer. I used to focus on email systems (Sendmail & 
majordomo), web (Netscape & Apache), DNS (BIND), usenet news, etc.

I intend to development an announcement-subscription and management 
system for the Queensland Peace Network <www.qldpeace.org>, a community 
organisation I do IT work for. I envisage a system more sophisticated 
than a simple mailing list to satisfy the peculiar needs of our 
organisation and potential subscribers.

Would anyone here have some information on email lists management 
libraries that they could provide me? I'm interested in libraries 
(freeware or commercial) that do all or some of the following:

- User subscription and unsubscription requests
- Subscriber web interface to change options (I'd be extending this 
heavily .. I hope this will be the essence of my project)
- Sending emails to subscribers and handling the consequent bounces 
(RCPT ORCPT= & DSN support would be highly desireable).
- VERP probing of bouncing users

Clearly Mailman has some fairly sophisticated code to do all of this. 
How tightly coupled is that code to the rest of Mailman? Are there any 
'unpackaged' libraries there might be to perform these functions?

Sean Vickery.

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