[Mailman-Developers] SMTPDirect timeout

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Jan 28 11:01:30 CET 2005

At 9:00 PM -0800 2005-01-27, Thien Vu wrote:

>  The patch I've attached is a simple alarm around the SMTPDirect.py
>  call into smtplib to terminate the connection after a configurable
>  amount of time. Right now I have it set to minutes(10) but it's
>  completely configurable via mm_cfg.py

	That's very weird.  The MTA should be dropping those connections 
after five minutes of idle time (I think that's the recommended 
value).  Obviously, in your case the MTA is not doing this, so the 
client should definitely be protecting itself against being hung 

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