[Mailman-Developers] Admin-controlled rejection text...

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Jan 28 11:11:35 CET 2005

At 9:08 AM +0100 2005-01-21, Brad Knowles wrote:

>>   The _() method both replaces this text with the appropriate language
>>   translation if the current language is not English and does the %()s
>>   substitutions.
>>   Your member_moderation_notice text isn't being processed in this way.
>  	Aha!  Okay, I'll try wrapping that call in _() and see if that helps.

	Indeed, this solved the problem.  I have since created a patch 
and uploaded that to 
I'd appreciate it if people would take a look at this patch and give 
me feedback as to whether or not this looks useful.

	In particular, I'd like to get this (or something like it) 
incorporated into an upcoming version of 2.1.6 and into the version 
of Mailman that we're running on python.org.  This will allow us to 
present a more friendly face to the non-subscribers who try to post 
to the mailman-developers and mailman-users mailing lists, among 

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