[Mailman-Developers] content filtering bug (text/html and text/plain in multipart emails)

Michael Dunlap michael.dunlap at yale.edu
Fri Jul 1 20:05:22 CEST 2005


I've been reading the archives and it looks as if the problem of having
content filtering on and passing multi-part emails (plain and html)
isn't really solvable.  One email to the users list summarizes the
problem this way:

> There is a basic design decision in content filtering that makes this
> difficult. Namely, after filtering, only the first remaining sub-part
> from a multipart/alternative part is retained.
> What this means in practice is if you want to allow both text/plain
> parts and text/html parts, the only way to get html to the list is to
> insure that the MUA (e-mail client) that creates the post creates an
> html only message, not a multipart/alternative message with both
> text/plain and text/html sub-parts.
> If you want Mailman content filtering to pass the html part from a
> multipart/alternative post, the only way to do this is to disallow
> text/plain and require everyone to post html, or to turn off content
> filtering and allow everything.

My question is two parts.  One, is there a work-around available, and
two is this a "feature" which the developers intend to fix?

Thank you for your time,

Michael Dunlap                  UNIX Systems Administrator
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