[Mailman-Developers] version mismatch?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Sun Jul 24 22:23:49 CEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 09:05, Ian Eiloart wrote:

> >> No, but apparently does mean that you'll have to rebuild the codec
> >> extensions that come with Mailman.  I /think/ if you run Mailman's
> >> config.status and then run make install again (against Python 2.4.1 of
> >> course) you should be golden.
> >
> > Or, you may have to clear the previously installed codec modules by
> >% rm -rf <prefix>/pythonlib/{japanese,korean}
> > then run make install again.
> Hmm, is that because the build process looks for existing codecs in 
> <prefix>?

I think it's primarily because Python has a C API version number which
gets encoded into C extensions, and this version number changed between
Python 2.3 and 2.4.  So fixing this basically entails getting the C
extensions rebuilt against Python 2.4's API.

> Actually, that raises an issue. When I install Python, it kindly installs 
> in eg /local/lib/python2.4 - then it moves a link to enable the new 
> installation.
> It would be very nice if Mailman would do the same. 

I agree, but it's much more difficult for Mailman.  Python has the
luxury of being almost entirely static, except for .pyc files, which are
just cached byte code streams, and so can be automatically blown away
and rebuilt if necessary.  OTOH Mailman has lots of dynamic information,
from the queue files, to the config.pck databases, to the archives, and
those files can (and have) changed.  Besides that, Mailman has lots of
entry points, from mailmanctl, to the cron scripts, to the linkages with
your mail and web servers, to all the command line scripts.  It's much
harder to just flip a symlink to ensure you're getting the latest
Mailman, and the /same/ Mailman across all those touch points.


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