[Mailman-Developers] PGP and Mailman

Stefan Schlott stefan.schlott at informatik.uni-ulm.de
Wed Mar 2 08:31:56 CET 2005


>     Have either of you solved the problem of Mailman not preserving 
> white space in the message body?  This kind of thing is death to 
> messages signed or encrypted with PGP, and I have yet to hear of anyone 
> who has addressed this issue.

As already mentioned, I didn't cover the sign-only case; I tried to 
implement an encrypted mailinglist, thus the space-signature-killer was 
no concern :-)

>>                                               I didn't figure out at
>>  first glance how chunking works... otherwise, a mail might be encrypted
>>  to several recipients - increasing its length by several bytes, but
>>  reducing the number of forks of gpg processes.
>     You definitely need to encrypt the message to all recipients, then 
> send out one copy.  Anything else would be prohibitively expensive in 
> terms of computation time for any reasonable number of recipients.

This will create huge messages in large MLs. Further, this will reveal 
all recipients' key ids - something not wanted in anonymous lists.
Imho the tradeoff lies somewhere inbetween - encrypt messages to n 
recipients (yet to be implemented).


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