[Mailman-Developers] Postfix.py extension for virtual_domain management

Mike Gabriel mgabriel at ecology.uni-kiel.de
Sun Mar 6 11:58:40 CET 2005

hi clif,

[clif's posting is refereing to 



> I've also wished mailman handled Virtual lists better.
> PostfixVirtual.py Works great, and I also tried removeing the

that is indeed good to hear. however, i do not like the idea of customized 
bits of extra-code here and there, as new versions of mailman might handle 
things differently in the future. this would mean that admins on 
mailman-customized sites had to adapt the scripts whenever a major change has 
occured in the mailman source code tree. and mostly you only realize the 
major change in code by some sort of list failure. this is not acceptable on 
productive sites. what i would like to fancy, is that the PostfixVirtual.py 
code would be perceived by the Postfix-coders on this list... and 
PostfixVirtual.py is just a suggestion how virtual lists could be handled...

> name change restriction in General.py:
> vi /usr/lib/mailman/Mailman/Gui/General.py
> /real_name
>         # Lets try this just for fun...
>         if property == 'real_name_NOT' and \
> I did some quick testing and found most of the obvious references to
> com.foo.test became test without any problems. Though the URLs and some
> other text still refers to it by the "correct" name.

i do not think that a very good idea, unless you make sure, that all 
locations, the listname is used at also gets updated (filenames, directories, 
archives, URLs for the WWW-interface, etc.). furthermore, if renaming was 
posssible, there should also be a garantuee, that there is no other list on 
the site, bearing the same name as the one the list is to be renamed to.

i do think that there is a proper reason, why list renaming is (so far) 

however, list renaming would be a very fine feature!!! 

> Anyway you mentioned in your post that you had customized mailman in other
> ways. Do you feel like publishing them as well?

i have studied my former posting very thoroughly, but cannot guess what you 
are pointing at...

have a good time,

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