[Mailman-Developers] EOL handling in Mailman

Sylvain Beucler beuc at beuc.net
Sat Mar 19 10:15:10 CET 2005


I'm a Savane (gna.org/p/savane) developer, and we noticed that when we
send mail with newlines in the \r\n format, Mailman converts them to

I would like to get your point on what we should do to fix the
problem. I had a look at RFC 822; the EOL (end of line) description is
not very clear, but it seems that the standard EOL convention is \r\n

The issue can be fixed if I make Savane convert all \r\n to \n before
to send the notifications, but I am not sure this is very
compliant. Anyway I do think this is a bug in Mailman. What do you
think we (Mailman and Savane) should do?

I posted a detailed bug report at:
for more information.
The Savane bug report counterpart is at:


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