[Mailman-Developers] Fwd: [SourceForge.net Release] m2f : m2f

Tobias Eigen tobias at kabissa.org
Wed Mar 23 12:42:44 CET 2005

Dear friends,

I thought you might be interested in the fact that mail2forum, the hack  
that provides phpbb/list gatewaying, has released a new 'stable'  
version. Haven't tried it yet but will do so once I get back from the  
nonprofit technology conference in Chicago. Sorry to be missing all the  
Mailman visitors to DC - hope you have a productive and fruitful time  
at PyCon DC!



Begin forwarded message:

> From: "SourceForge.net" <noreply at sourceforge.net>
> Date: March 22, 2005 3:39:38 PM EST
> To: noreply at sourceforge.net
> Subject: [SourceForge.net Release] m2f : m2f
> Project: mail2forum  (m2f)
> Package: m2f
> Date   : 2005-03-22 16:39
> Project "mail2forum" ('m2f') has released the new version of package  
> 'm2f'.
> You can download it from SourceForge.net by following this link:
> <https://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php? 
> group_id=68964&release_id=314792>
> or browse Release Notes and ChangeLog by visiting this link:
> <https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?release_id=314792>

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