[Mailman-Developers] Storing other data in the list object

Matthew Newton mcn4 at leicester.ac.uk
Thu May 19 12:58:31 CEST 2005


The Mailman system I'm putting together has lists automatically
created/deleted depending on another database (i.e. the university
database defines what lists exist, and who owns them, and Mailman should
then match this).

I need to be able to store information about when the list was created
(this is used in the synchronization procedure). I could save this in
another text file, but that is something else to go wrong / get out of
synch. Therefore, is the following safe to do, (assuming I use a
variable that is unlikely to be used by Mailman itself)? Is there a
place I should be using instead of this (i.e. a dictionary in the object
called "localdata")?

  m = MailList.MailList(listname, lock=1)
  m.uol_createddate = "something"



Matthew Newton <mcn4 at le.ac.uk>

UNIX and e-mail Systems Administrator, Network Support Section,
Computer Centre, University of Leicester,
Leicester LE1 7RH, United Kingdom

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