[Mailman-Developers] MM3?

Kevin McCann kmccann at cruciverb.com
Thu Nov 17 06:27:25 CET 2005

Barry Warsaw wrote:

>>I have been watching with anticipation, but it's been a while since I
>>have heard anything on MM3.  Any noteworthy updates?
>Sadly, no.  My job has been incredible time consuming so I just haven't
>had much time to work on MM3.  If things go well, I have some plans for
>jump starting development that I'd like to share with the group around
>the December time frame.

Hi Barry,

I realize you replied to this message last Oct. 22, but in view of a 
current thread, I'm wondering if you could further share your thoughts 
on MM3 development over the next 6-12 months. To what extent does the 
project depend on your availability? Have there been developments behind 
the scenes that have not been discussed on MM3? I'm being told by 
someone on the developers list that I have not been following this 
project closely enough to be able to comment on it. If anyone know this 
is untue, it's you. As you know, I have championed Mailman and have 
really wanted to see MM3 come to fruition. I'm no longer with Bellanet 
and can't get funding through those channels, but maybe there are other 
ways to contribute in the future. It would be helpful, however, to get a 
good picture of where things stand with MM3. And not necessarily from a 
perspective of what your personal plans are, but what the collective 
prpject plans are or ought to be. This gives people the opportunity to 
decide whether they should hang in there with MM or try to get something 
going with a new MLM project.


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