[Mailman-Developers] Informal "MEP" process, anyone? [was: PHP Wrappers?]

Peter John Hartman peterjh at mennonot.net
Thu Nov 17 21:39:30 CET 2005

I'd just like to pop in for a second about one thing:
> So it's very difficult for them to specify the requirements.  They've
> tried: MemberAdapter was supposed to enable integration of databases
> for membership management.  But it evidently didn't work very well,
> and it doesn't seem to have gotten a very enthusiastic reception.
> John Dennis has been pushing that line forward, but I don't get the
> impression that he is getting tons of good input on the requirements.
> Instead, he posts here asking the same leadership that didn't really
> know what the requirements were the first time what they think the
> requirements might be!
> On the other hand, the ad hoc DB integration ideas I've seen discussed
> to date all have a very strong "works for me" flavor to them.  Ie, "if
> you want something generalizable, then MM people will have to do
> that, but here's a proof of concept."

I'll admit I've been on the scene for only a few weeks, and I'd not like to speak
for fil or Kev Green, but the MySqlMemberAdaptor they developed works fairly
easily with the intended design of MemberAdaptor.  You are spot on that they
have a "works for me" flavor, and I look forward to more MemberAdaptors coming out.
I'd disagree with any word that "this will never reach the next Mailman release";
the whole idea of an adaptor is that it will.


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