[Mailman-Developers] PHP Wrappers?

Adrian Wells adrian at whatifnet.com
Thu Nov 17 19:18:03 CET 2005

Joshua Ginsberg <jag at fsf.org> on Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 12:46 PM
+0000 wrote:
>Well, it's pretty much about as vanilla of an XMLRPC interface as we
>could generate... I'm not a PHP programmer, so I don't know exactly how
>the XMLRPC bindings work on PHP, but the Readers' Digest version of
>XMLRPC goes like this...

[snipped helpful examples and explanation...]

>There are some pretty good references for how PHP's XMLRPC client works,
>so I'd refer to those to figure out how to write a PHP client for this
>Does that answer your questions somewhat?

Yes. Your reply was helpful and informative.  Thank you for taking the
time to provide it,

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