[Mailman-Developers] Informal "MEP" process, anyone? [was: PHP Wrappers?]

Fil fil at rezo.net
Thu Nov 17 19:38:57 CET 2005

> I'll admit I've been on the scene for only a few weeks, and I'd not like
> to speak for fil or Kev Green, but the MySqlMemberAdaptor they developed
> works fairly easily with the intended design of MemberAdaptor.  You are
> spot on that they have a "works for me" flavor, and I look forward to more
> MemberAdaptors coming out.

Well, it currently has a "works *not* for me" flavor and I'd appreciate som
help on the two outstanding bugs I still have (in my version, but I guess
Kev's version has them too).

1) if the DB connection dies or fades away, ping() is never called. I
suspect this is due to the fact that the function self._prodServerConnection
is not called with parenthesis. However if I add the parenthesis, I get
bumped by an error because the function ping() itself does not exist at this

2) There's an issue with the bounce daemon not properly calling the __init__
sequence (or so it seems), and I get failures when I activate this daemon.

In both cases, I'd appreciate feedback, a hint to documentation, plain tests
or even a full patch :)


As for the main topic of this thread, I think the issues of building a
developers' community are very similar in many projects. In brief, you need
to be familiar with the code to enter the community, and at the same time
you almost need to belong to the developers' community to (have the
incentive to) get familiar with the code.

This kind of loop  has plagued my main pet project for years, and we're
trying to solve it by opening parts of the development, in two directions:
1) modular code (MemberAdaptors are a good idea, in this sense)
2) a common and open development platform for modules (imho SourceForge sucks)
   where people test each other's patches and cooperate a lot.

-- Fil

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