[Mailman-Developers] PHP Wrappers?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Nov 18 01:30:31 CET 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 13:12 -0400, Adrian Wells wrote:
> Hello.  How might one configure Mailman (version 2.1.6) list settings
> using PHP scripts?

Wow, this thread opened up a can of worms. :)  Since I'm sitting here
waiting for some compiles, I'll try to answer them as best I can.
First, the technical one brought up here...

I don't know anything about PHP, but one question is whether the box
running PHP will live on the same system as the Mailman server.  If the
answer is yes, then your approach might be fairly easy for a Python
hacker.  Basically, what I'd do is write some custom Python scripts,
modeled on the cron, command line, or mail filter scripts, which does
the specific tasks you want them to do.  Then basically call them from
PHP to make things happen.  I don't know if you can embed a Python
interpreter in PHP (kind of like mod_python w/Apache), but if so, then
you don't even have to go through the command line.  Write importable
modules and make the appropriate calls.

If not, write them as command line scripts.  Do all your input
validation in PHP and your Python scripts can be mostly trustworthy
(assuming all your other system security is up to snuff).

If PHP is running on a different machine, then, as someone I think
suggests in a later message, check out the XMLRPC interface.  This seems
to me like a very reasonable way to provide external access to Mailman
and should seriously be considered for Mailman 2.2 (more on that later).


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