[Mailman-Developers] Informal "MEP" process, anyone?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Fri Nov 18 07:08:44 CET 2005

>>>>> "Kevin" == Kevin McCann <kmccann at cruciverb.com> writes:

    Kevin> Is this fair, Stephen? The word "I" was used to indicate
    Kevin> who had worked on the specs, not who would be involved in
    Kevin> implementing them. Why insinuate a personality trait here?

My point is that I know of two people who will participate: you and
Barry.  That's not enough, especially since the core developers don't
seem to have a lot of need for what you propose.  So nobody can know
when some requirement is particular to you.  (Not even you! :-)

    Kevin> I'd love to engage in such discussion,

Another way to put it is that you can't just "engage": you've got to
go collect the other discussants.  Nobody else is going to.

That doesn't mean you have to beat bushes, but you do have to get the
idea that somebody is willing to put time and maybe money into keeping
things moving across to other potential users.  They're mostly not on this
list, AFAICT---they're on Mailman-Users or not using Mailman yet at all.

NB: I see Barry said he wants the discussion on the MM3 list, not
here.  But those folks aren't there yet, either; somebody has to pass
the word.

    Kevin> are we really at odds when all is said and done?

No.  Basically, I'm irrelevant, I think it would be a good thing but
I'm not equipped to help in specification and am unwilling to invest
what it would take to become competent.  I only spoke up because I
believe that there are plenty of users out there who need what you
need, and that Barry (inter alia) is sympathetic so it _can_ happen.
But we still lack a spec AFAIK, and I wanted to propose a way to get
to a spec that Barry et al can implement and fill the need.  I didn't
see the subthread between you and Brad going in that direction.  ;-)

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