[Mailman-Developers] MysqlMemberships.py [was: Informal "MEP"process, anyone? [was: PHP Wrappers?]]

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sun Nov 20 20:54:02 CET 2005

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>in _prodServerConnection(), you can't do
>    if ping(self.connection) == 0:
>you need to do
>    if self.connection.ping() == 0:

If looked at this a bit more closely, and it turns out not to be quite
that simple. The major issue is the way things currently exist in your
MysqlMemberships.py, rev 19, 'connection' is a local variable in the
MysqlMemberships class __init__ method. It is not visible to
_prodServerConnection() at all.

I've made a few changes to MysqlMemberships.py, rev 19 which I _think_
will make it work. I did a test of a highly stripped down version
which worked, but this didn't come close to the real thing.

My suggestions are attached as MysqlMemberships19.patch.

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