[Mailman-Developers] Make web_page_url visible in the admin GUI?

JC Dill lists05 at equinephotoart.com
Sat Nov 26 22:16:43 CET 2005

Max Bowsher wrote:

>Mailman doesn't really have two distinct web interfaces. It has a single
>web interface, portions of which are restricted to administrators.
That isn't important to the issue, is it?

As I understand it, your issue is what URL is "shown".  My suggestion is 
that we make a change to the code that allows list administrators to 
change what URL is "shown" to list users.  The new URL will also work 
for list administrators, but the default URL will *also* continue to work.

>So, then you have one address considered canonical for users and another
> considered canonical for administrators?
No.  You have one address that *always* works (the server name address) 
and the option to add another address that also works (assuming you 
didn't make any errors when you configured the additional URL) and which 
is the address displayed on the email footer, list help pages, etc.

For instance, many websites that are hosted on virtual domains can be 
reached thru several different URLs (options vary from host to host):

www.domain.com  (the preferred URL, obviously)

Etc.  Only one of these (at most) is the "real" URL to the directory to 
the domain files on the server.  The others are aliases to the same 
directory.  We can do the same thing with mailman, add an alias and mark 
the alias as the "preferred" URL to be used and displayed on the list 
webpages and mail footers.


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