[Mailman-Developers] Make web_page_url visible in the admin GUI?

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Mon Nov 28 04:19:54 CET 2005

>>>>> "Max" == Max Bowsher <maxb1 at ukf.net> writes:

    Max> My point in saying what I did was that 'the URL to the user
    Max> webpage' and 'the URL for the admin webpage' are not
    Max> independently settable entities.  They are, in fact,
    Max> identical, just one has things like 'listinfo' or 'options'
    Max> appended, whilst the other has things like 'admin' or
    Max> 'admindb' appended.

Right.  That has to be changed for me to get what I want.

What I would like to see is a structure where we have

# sitewide
site_base_url        # the default URL for all Mailman stuff at the site
                     # used for all admin pages at the site
# list-specific
list_base_url        # the URL for the list member stuff, archives, etc
                     # defaults to site_base_url

It seems like that's not what you want, and that's OK with me.  I can
live without this and it would probably be a fair amout of work to get

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