[Mailman-Developers] suggested improvement for Mailman's bounce processing

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Tue Aug 8 12:00:17 CEST 2006

At 10:46 AM +0100 2006-08-08, Ian Eiloart quoted "Bob Puff at NLE" 
<bob at nleaudio.com>:

>>  If people bounce a message every day for a couple weeks, I consider their
>>  ISP broken enough to warrant unsubscription.
>  In my case, it wasn't my ISP, or my server that was at fault. It was the
>  message *senders* mail client that was constructing faulty headers.

Right, but that's Yahoo.  That's not Mailman.  Mailman is unlikely to 
be doing this sort of thing.  If anything, it would most likely be 
scrubbing the messages in order to remove illegal formatting.

I can understand the overall desire in this specific case, but I'm 
having a hard time painting Mailman with that same brush, which would 
then reasonably lead to a requirement to make significant changes to 
the Mailman bounce handling scheme in order to try and guess as to 
what was the real reason behind a particular type of bounce.

I'm not saying that this isn't something that we shouldn't at least 
look at seriously, I'm just saying I don't quite buy this particular 
motivation, at least not as it applies to Mailman.

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