[Mailman-Developers] email schema / XSLT

emf i at mindlace.net
Fri Jul 7 03:49:40 CEST 2006

John Dennis wrote:

> I wasn't referring to
> just the email archiving, but rather all the pages mailman generates.

Oh! well, they'll all be xhtml, so that should let you throw down some 
xslt action.

> I saw a subsequent post from you in which you said "xslt is evil" so I
> guess you're probably not too fond of this idea :-)

Not quite Evil; I am quite fond of it, but I would say it's not a 
general-purpose programming language. The example I gave - get me a list 
of unique elements- is something like this in python:

for element in nodeset: adict[element.name] = element

while in XSLT it is the most brutally convoluted nonsense.

anyway, kid will get us there with mucho less code; as kid kind of 
incorporates XSLT, I will still use it where appropriate.

~ethan fremen

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