[Mailman-Developers] Hi! I'll be your intern for the summer :)

emf i at mindlace.net
Wed Jun 21 19:31:49 CEST 2006

Laura Carlson wrote:

> I mentioned this about a year ago [1], it would be great if the Mailman 
> templates, like the general list information page and the user specific 
> options page, were accessible and standards compliant.

Thanks very much for your feedback, Laura! I am something of a standards 
fanatic; all the pages I've re-written so far have made heavy use of 
label (although I use the implicit label where possible), fieldset, 
legend, thead & tbody and the title attribute to provide as much support 
for assistive technologies and alternative renderings as I can.

Once I have a clear idea what form elements will be where, I am also 
going to add tabindex and accesskey attributes to the form elements.

Because all the mailman templates are a hideous mismatch of CAPS TAGS 
and lcase tags and all sort of tag-soupishness, I'm re-doing them all as 
xhtml strict.

Right now the xhmtml templates are all checked in at:


I'm thinking I'm going to move the kid thing up to templates, move the 
existing templates back to their original location. There are too many 
advantages for me in switching over to mod_python, so for the moment my 
"backward compatibility" stance is to leave the old cgi-bin stuff as is 
and just focus on implementing everything using mod_python.

> When form fields are not labeled explicitly, screen readers will skip 
> over the text on your form when users try to enter data.

What's also lame is the way that the user can't click on the label to 
toggle/enter the input item.

Thanks for all the references. If you know of a way that I can actually 
test JAWS or another screen reader, I would be grateful for the pointer.

~ethan fremen

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