[Mailman-Developers] incorrect generated HTML

Ian Eiloart iane at sussex.ac.uk
Thu Mar 2 12:05:39 CET 2006

--On 1 March 2006 00:52:09 +0100 Giuliano Gavazzi <dev+lists at humph.com> 

> Hello,
> I have recently installed mailman.
> As a result of customising the user interface, I have noticed that
> the HTML of both the administrative and user interface is quite
> incorrect. In particular the user interface, which shows many layers
> of intervention (tags appear with too many case changes!).
> I am attempting to clean up the code (as HTML 4.01 Transitional), but
> I wonder if there is already an ongoing tidying up or redesign that
> would make my work a waste of time.
> One change in Mailman that would make correction and editing of HTML
> templates easier would be to have all Mailman inner tags written
> without using <> or other strange characters. For instance <MM-Form-
> End> could be simply MMFormEnd.

Perhaps a comment could be used instead:

<!-- MMFormEnd -->

> This way a template could validate as
> valid HTML without being parsed first, as long as these Mailman tags
> are not required in strange places.
> Clearly the documents could loose its validity once parsed, but this
> too can be avoided with careful design of the tags. For instance the
> footer tag (I think <MM-Mailman-Footer>) generates at the moment
> incorrect HTML all by itself and so cannot be corrected by a list
> administrator.
> I see now that there is a General Web UI item in the TODO. Let me add
> a plea: please do not use php for the future UI!

Well, it's a Python project, so you should be safe there!

> Thanks
> Giuliano
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Ian Eiloart
IT Services, University of Sussex

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