[Mailman-Developers] bug in mailman-2.1.7/Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.pyand HTML generation

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Mar 2 18:08:38 CET 2006

g wrote:

>     if not mlist.digestable or not mlist.nondigestable:
>         replacements['<mm-digest-radio-button>'] = ""
>         replacements['<mm-undigest-radio-button>'] = ""
>         replacements['<mm-digest-question-start>'] = '<!-- '
>         replacements['<mm-digest-question-end>'] = ' -->'
>     else:
>         replacements['<mm-digest-radio-button>'] =  mlist.FormatDigestButton()
>         replacements['<mm-undigest-radio-button>'] = \
>                                                    mlist.FormatUndigestButton()
>         replacements['<mm-digest-question-start>'] = ''
>         replacements['<mm-digest-question-end>'] = ''
>     replacements['<mm-plain-digests-button>'] = \
>apart that I do not know where the if ends (is it determined by the  

Yes. Block structure in Python is determined by indentation.

> there is, I think, a bug. Shouldn't it be:

>     if not mlist.digestable or mlist.nondigestable:

No. The intent is to not offer the digest radio buttons if there is no
choice, i.e. if you can't choose digest or you can't choose nondigest
because the choice is unavailable.

>and the parsing of the HTML template does not work anyway, as I have
>digestable = 0
>but the digest option still appears in my users option page.

The code you quote above has to do with presenting a digest yes/no
option on the subscribe form on the listinfo page. It doesn't affect
whether or not the digest option appears on the user's options page.

The default user options page has the digest selection, but processing
won't allow selection of an unavailable digest option.

If you want to remove the question altogether from the user options
page, you have to edit the options.html template. See
for information on making a list specific, domain specific or sitewide
edited version of this template, or you can make a list specific
version via the "Edit the public HTML pages and text files" link on
the list's admin pages.

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