[Mailman-Developers] Virtual Domains Redux (w proposal)

Hans Ulrich Niedermann hun at n-dimensional.de
Fri Mar 3 16:18:14 CET 2006

Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> writes:

> At 2:23 PM +0100 2006-03-03, Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:
>>  Our goal is to give this branch to the Mailman project if they want
>>  it. If they do not for any reason, we'll have to maintain our vhost
>>  branch until Mailman 3 with all the necessary features has been
>>  released. :)
> 	If you upload the code to the SourceForge "patches" page for
> Mailman, the core developers will be much more likely to look at what
> you've got and to consider it for inclusion in a future version.

I'll do that as soon as I have something
  a) working
  b) clean (code)
  c) pretty (concept)
  d) as small a change as absolutely necessary

> 	The key people you've got to convince are Tokio and Mark --
> Barry is primarily working on his real job, and doing what he can for
> Mailman3 in his non-existent "spare time", although he does try to at
> least keep abreast of what is going on with Mailman 2.x.

I'll keep that in mind, thank you.


Hans Ulrich Niedermann

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