[Mailman-Developers] Virtual Domains Redux (w proposal)

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Fri Mar 10 03:33:17 CET 2006

At 9:04 PM -0500 2006-03-09, Bob Puff wrote:

>  I think we're drifting here from a logical format.  If there is to be shared
>  ownership, I think that needs to be done with a different database.  It could
>  be a nightmare from the admin side if you group things by who wants to own
>  what lists, rather than by domain.

	Actually, his proposed scheme does make sense for a larger-scale 
environment.  Indeed, that's the second-most scalable way I know of 
to do it.  The most scalable would have some sort of side index 
system and use good hashing algorithms to avoid having a billion 
subdirectories under /usr/local/mailman/lists/com/ and maybe just a 
few hundred under /usr/local/mailman/lists/info/.

	For smaller environments, you might want a different option.

	I think what we really need is some way to guarantee that any of 
several different suitable formats could be used, some of which might 
be more easily understood at a glance, others which might be more 
complex but also more scalable.

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